Friday, August 1, 2008

Annastyn's 2nd Birthday!

We celabrated Anna's birthday outside. All the kids had alot of fun playing on the waterslide, pools and trampoline. Nana came to visit .What a nice surprise!!!!!!!!!

Daddy's girl!! Gimme kiss.

Here we are opening presents. It's soooo fun having a girl.

Here is her favorite toy. She is already riding it all over the house. Her brothers love to make her go extra fast.

I love this picture. Her face is just darlin!!!!!!!!! My baby is 2.....................

Faith from chuch made the cake. Not only was it cute, it was goooood.

Here is her and her daddy again. They are so sweet together.

I took this pic a few days ago but I had to add it because Cindy told me to! It has all three kids together. Thanks Cindy for helping me start my blog!

This is our wonderful kitty (Felix). Annastyn loves him so much. I guess its a love hate because she picks him up by the tail and loves to get rough. He doesn't mind one bit!

What fun it is to open all these presents!!!!!!!!

I'm too little to be on a diet!!